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2019 Top 3 Business For men in Ondo City



IN year 2019 The Top 3 Business men preferred doing in Ondo city, Ondo state are as listed below. This business requires less capital for some.

  1. Okada rider: Okada rider is a profession that deals with transportation of people from one point to another. It’s approximately over 70% of men in Ondo city are into this business. They prefer this because it’s a day job which Is necessary to the people in getting to there destination especially those living far away distance to the main road/express road. A bike man known as Okada rider earns at least #1500 or #2000 upward every day. Before starting this business, it is of who wants to start it to pick either of the two options; get it in higher purchase which require high demand rate or buy it with his cash at hand at lesser rate. Why most people don’t go into this business is that most Okada riders are thugs and take most excess drugs in society. Starting okada rider with higher purchase is signed with agreement of paying back on fixed amount called delivery payment everyday for agreed days of refund till the okada man finishes his payment and become the property owner. In addition, it’s common among salary earners like police, teachers etc that after work they do take this as profession for their daily survival.
  2. Boutique shops: opening boutique shops is common in Youths of nowadays. This require huge capital to start this business. Capital starts from having a shop then buying of quality goods to attract customers. Boutique shop owner must be updated on all types of fashion designers from time to time so as to get the to the customers satisfaction.
  3. Online Betting shops: Both the Youths and older ones are into betting. Online betting sites are rated in Google showing the first page and have almost page views per day. The betting shops are having the most customers in business and have no time to rest. Bet shop owners make profits in anyway after deduction of their clients salaries especially when the shop is located at the right place for guys who have interest in gambling.
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