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We offer various types of advert and promotions on Afrigoldloaded.

When talking about your Business then you go for Adverts and if it’s your talent show like music, videos, comedy you are into promotions.


We give 3 offers for business adverts for everyone accessing this page

Banner Ads

We offer different types of banner adverts that suit your business. We can create a banner f1or you and also if you have a well designed banner for your business it’s okay. It is done at cheapest rate.

Text Ads

This section of adverts is the cheapest of all our offer. We Create a sponsored post for your business that people Can read and give comments then you are given an address link for that.

Video Ads

You created a best video for your business adverts, we can help you to place it in best position for visitors to know what your business is all about.


As a talented upcoming artist that’s wants to get famous across the nation, you should work towards this adverts.

Why you a need to make promo with us.:

  1. We are ready to stay by you till you achieve your aims in any of your talents. In any of your articles posted on Afrigoldloaded blog site, it’s also posted on top social media site Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter then Telegram and whatsapp groups with loud audience.
  2. We create ads page for your articles on both Instagram and Facebook to reach any desired amount of people you wish around the world.
  3. Get your videos posted On our YouTube AfriGotv. Click to like and subscribe to our channel for more details.

To get any of your Advert posted on our site, contact us here

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