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Covid-19: FCTA Team arrests Pastor for violating ban on place of worship in Abuja



Covid-19 Fcta team arrests Pastor for violating ban place of worship

Covid-19: The FCTA enforcement team in Abuja arrests Pastor U Uden, the general overseer of Jesus Reign Family church located in Apo, Abuja over the allegations of violating ban of place of worship.

The ongoing isolation against covid-19 has cause the shutdown of place of worship since Friday for both mosques and churches. The stay at home which affects all parts of the world is said to last for 14 days to fight the corona virus disease outbreak over the world.

When the FCTA team arrives at the pastor’s church during the service, they introduce themselves and quotes from the Bible to be sure of the reason why they want his arrest. Despite the pastor seeing them, he continued his worship till he finish up and the officials also wait for him to avoid confrontation before arresting him.

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Corona virus known as covid-19 has killed thousands of people in world in which Nigeria is also experiencing it but has low record of deaths.

Watch the scene video below.

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