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Making money from kiwi browser



Technology has made it known that we can make money from some apps and browsers which we going live on one now. Using Kiwi browser to login to loginhood website fetches you money.

Let’s take a look at how to make the money below.

You must have a good VPN to change your location to another country because Nigeria is out of the bonus. I think we all can get a VPN from playstore which is not new to us.

Then the second is get a working Nigeria PayPal account that can withdraw directly to your bank account. Note that.

If you need a PayPal account that can withdraw directly to your bank account we can create that for you for a token of #1000. click here if you want an account. Chat us on whatsapp here to get you a Nigeria PayPal account

Loginhood Earning site
They collect data by answering questions like Bigtoken, you get paid for every data they collect

Aside that, you can refer a different earn 1$ each?, payment is direct into your paypal account

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Please act fast as soon as possible because they will end their referral program when they reach 5000 users, already got 2600 users, make wild because if u refer 100 people, you get your 100$ straight into your paypal account.

Compulsory Requirements to earn with kiwi browser

  • Any Good VPN
  • PayPal account

You can withdraw any amount in your account.

Now follow the process

  1. Download kiwi browser from Playstore
  2. Open your VPN and connect it to US
  3. Copy this link to kiwi browser…. It works with kiwi browser
  1. Sign-up with the link provided above
  2. Update your profile
  3. Use the kiwi browser to add their extensions
  4. On your left, click on refer, scroll down to see your referral link
  5. You will be notified for each successful referral
  6. Wait for them to give your action to perform… Like surveys. Enjoy as you earned $1 per referral to your PayPal account and then withdraw it to your bank account.
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