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#SUG’20: Today Education News in Adeyemi College Of Education Ondo



Today Education News
Today Education News of ACEONDO

Education News: Adeyemi college of Education Ondo Students are undergoing their teaching practice in various schools of Ondo city.

The Teaching Practice activities starts since January 2020 both in primary and secondary schools of Ondo city.

As of Yesterday, there was a post online which have brought alot of controversy among the student of Adeyemi College Of Education Ondo of an incident which happened at All saints Grammar School, Oka, Ondo state that the Teaching practice students were flogged and punished by the school teachers including the SUG president.

This news was posted on the official facebook page of Adeyemi college of Education ondo known as ACE PEEPS. See the post below:

Earlier today, we got a report that there was an altercation between Student Teachers and Teachers of All Saints Grammar School, Oka. ACEPEEPS correspondent who confirmed the issue reported that, a Teacher from All Saint Grammar School, Oka who was said to be a Former Npower Teacher but now working as a full time teacher harassed a Female Student Teacher and also got to the extent of insulting the lady’s family, in a bid to defend one of them, other Student teachers intervened and wanted to defend the harassed Teacher, a lecturer from the department of Geography met them in this act, and asked all the Student teachers to go on their Knees. The Student teachers saw this as an unfair judgement by the Lecturer, while some Student teachers obliged and knelt down, the Student Teacher(s) summoned the Student Union Executives headed by the President, Com. Ayoola Olamilekan. Report had it that the Student Union President was beaten by the Teachers in the School.
This led to an uproar in the School, both the Dean of Education and Dean of Student affairs were summoned, and bothered Deans addressed the Student Teachers in the School and ordered them to present themselves in front of School of Education. On getting to school of Education, they were all addressed by the Dean of Education and other lecturers present, they directed the Student teachers to report to School at Obong Lecture theatre by 7.30am Tomorrow. Also, the Dean of Education threatened that those involved would face Student Disciplinary Committee if culpable. ©ACEPEEPS
Today Education News.

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