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Top Business in Nigeria 2019



Top Business in Nigeria

Well about the top business in Nigeria for year 2019. The point now Is most Nigerians first business stragedy is always trading which engage buying and selling of goods either within the country or outside. Now I will list the top five business in Nigeria that moves a lot well in the country and brings much income.

Giving loan for business

The second option is the amount of capital you have in hand to reach the top business in Nigeria.
Well, most people have a lot of business Ideas and strategies but the problem is the capital, how to get capital to insure your business.

First option is getting a loan. You can either get loans from the bank or private loan sharks to your business only if you have a very nice business strategy in mind and also after the first option is considered.

The second option is getting investors. If you have a good business plan and you are sure about the succession of it, then you look for investors who will be willing to help to invest there capital on and make decisions on how to share the income.
But before this I would like to highlight some things you don’t seem to understand.

Majorly There are actually three types of businesses. Any of your desired business won’t go out of the 3 listed below.
1. Online business
2. Home business
3. Office/ store / shop business

The top four businesses that is growing fast in Nigeria and has successful traits and outcome.
1. FOOD/CATERING/BAKING SERVICES : well, this form of business nowadays don’t need much capital as long as you have an Idea of what you are doing. You don’t have to get a shop/stall to start this business. In most cases, being a caterer can be done from home ( getting a business card printed and giving out to people ) and online( creating a page or group to advertise ur business) if its gonna be this two, then people gat to know you and the nature of your business so that whenever there is an event requiring catering and baking services you will definitely get informed because you can easily be reached through your business card or ur pages online.
BESIDES …… linga s there is capital to start the business then you can simply get a suitable and neat place to start ur business…it can either be an EATERY or Bakery.

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2. TRADING BUSINESS : this is a very common business nowadays and its always yieldful trading involves the buying and selling of goods. When you wanna start This business……its also important to get your capital first cause its almost impossible to start a trading business without any form of capital.
Well a lot of people Thinks trading always has to require a large capital but I would love to break to you that that even with a sum of 10k you can start ur trading business. Thats gonna require you buying from a wholesale at a very cheap/ wholesale prices and then reselling to consumers… is a list of business to start with as little capital as possible

3. BUYING AND SELLING OF FOODSTUFFS :you can get some farmers to get your food stuffs from its definitely gonna be at a very low and yielding price if you can get it directly from them and then reselling at retail prices.

4. BUYING AND SELLING OF CLOTHES, SHOES AND ACCESORIES : well this is another common trading in the country ….buying in bulks and wholesales prices from either factories or from big clothes selling companies.

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