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Top five pofitable Online Business in 2018



The business world has literally changed with the coming of technology. Gone are days when you need a physical store to kick-start your business. The modern business model needs no shop or huge capital. you can start from where you are and with what you have.

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Business is now stress free and the good news is.

You can launch your business at the comfort of your home with your smartphone.

Want to know How?

Here are five profitable online Business in 2018

  mini importation

this is one business making wave in Nigeria at the moment. mini importation is producing a lot of millionaires every day.

With as little as 10k you can start your importation business. you can buy products at a cheaper price from places like china and sell at a higher price. You don’t need to move an inch from your home or take a flight to china. all transactions will be done in the comfort of your smartphone.

Article writing

This is one of the easiest online business available. you can dive into the business of article writing with zero capital. all you need is a phone connected to the internet and you’re good to go. with a lot of bloggers around, you’re sure to land your first client in no time.


Blogging is the modern Tatafo. i don’t need to tell you how much people make from it. just take a look at linda ikeji and you will know what am talking about.

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Blogging is all about sharing information and educating people via your website. setting up a blog is easy but you need to work hard to make it. there are various ways you can earn from a blog. Adverts, affiliate marketing are just few.

Affiliate marketing

if you have a blog already, then this is good for you. With affiliate marketing, you need no physical store or product to sell. All you have to do is refer people to buy a product through your site and get a commission on every purchase.

there are a host of affiliate programs to sign up for: Google, Jumia, Amazon and Aliexpress

the good news is: you don’t have to spend a dime because signing up is free.

Proof reading

if you have an eye for spotting grammatical errors, then proof reading should be on your list. Most persons find it hard spotting their own mistakes and need a proof reader to do that. proof readers are high in demand on sites like Fiverr. you can earn a whooping sum of $5 for proof reading documents of 1000 words.

Sounds Good Right?

Go launch your business today and start racking profit.


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1 Comment

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