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Vector slams a Ghanaian blogger who refer him as Twitter user



Vector slams Ghanaian blogger
Vector slams Ghanaian blogger who refer him as Twitter user

Its been a while when a well known Ghanaian blogger blast vector that he is not an artist but Twitter user.

Vector noticed this and give a response to his post. The rapper shattered the internet with his statement on how those who should while praying are not practicing Christianity. While reposting the news, the blogger described him as a twitter user and he was furious. He reacted to their tweet slamming them for not doing proper research before concluding that he was a mere Twitter user.Vector wrote: ‘If you did research enough to get my picture, you would at least think it news worthy that as much as I am a twitter user, I am actually a big deal from Nigeria. Thank you for further spreading the idea of challenging thought in Africa.”

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